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How many times have you asked your child to leave their small cars at home, for fear of losing them while you are out and about? How often is he/she stuck sitting somewhere waiting impatiently? Well, now I have a product which I have been working very hard to bring you!

These portable play mats are large enough (approx 70 x 43cm) to have 2 children playing on them, but small enough to roll up with cars in their ‘garages’ and pop into mum’s handbag when it is time to pack up. Most children over the age of 3 can roll it up themselves. A great resource to have on hand for your child when you’re out for coffee/dinner, waiting for (or during) an appointment/haircut, travelling long distances, or just to entertain them during quiet time at home. Also a great idea for a unique birthday or Christmas gift too!





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The Roll Up Car Mat is a portable play mat that has small pockets to house up to 6 matchbox type cars and features a road scene for your little one to drive their cars around on. Once the cars are in their pockets (garages) you simply roll up the mat and fasten it closed and you can pop it in a nappy bag, carry on bag or mum’s hand bag, or a school bag. The Roll Up Car Mat is generous in size when laid flat it measures approx. 40 x 70cm. It is a little too large to entirely fit on an aeroplane tray table but is wonderful for imaginative play on airport floors and comes in handy in doctors surgeries or anywhere else that waiting patiently is required. I now keep the Car Mat in the car so anywhere we are stuck waiting for a while I can grab it out and know my son has a safe and clean playing surface. Our son is 2 and really loves his cars, the Roll Up Car Mat is a great addition to his toy collection, the colours are bright and vibrant and help hold his attention. We have also had great success with sneaking new cars into the pocket as a surprise which buys us about an extra 15 minutes of quiet, occupied toddler time. The product is handmade and of really high quality, and can easily be popped in the wash. We have also heard there are new designs on the way so stay tuned if your little one isn’t into cars. Overall the Roll Up Car Mat from Cloth for Comfort is a big success in our house, it’s a quick, easy (and quiet) toy to grab when you are running out the door and is compact enough to go anywhere with you.