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Leanne is mum to one gorgeous little girl, 14 week old Hannah. Leanne was chosen as our Travel with Tots reader reviewer to test out the “Bag It Playmat’ by Write Stuff Designs. The Bag It is a circular play mat that simply folds up into a carry bag containing your baby’s toys. Here is Leanne’s review:

I was the lucky reader chosen (or should I say my daughter Hannah was) to review the Bag It Playmat by Write Stuff Designs. Over the last few weeks we have dragged this very stylish bag along with us and I’m about to tell you what we thought.

I have found the Bag It Playmat to be very functional. As a mother my hands are always full, so it was wonderful having a product that was two things in one...

Well, the Bag It Playmat is just that. It’s not only a bag for your bubba’s toys, but it doubles as a playmat too. I’m often visiting friends and family and don’t want to put Hannah on the floor in case it’s dirty (or she makes a mess). That’s where the Bag It Playmat is great.

My first use was when I took Hannah to be babysat at her grandma’s place. When I arrived I popped the bag on the floor, opened it up and popped Hannah onto the mat which was covered in all her favourite toys. It was great!

The fabric is very nice and it’s nicely made. My design had red flowers on it, which I absolutely loved. The mat is quite a decent size too, so your baby is able to roll around without going off the mat.

The thing I liked most about the mat is that when you’re ready to pack up, all you have to do it gather all the toys to the centre of the mat and fold twice and away you go. It’s really very simple.

When the weather is a little warmer the Bag It Playmat is going to ideal to take along to the beach or on a picnic. You are able to cart a number of toys without any problems in this bag.

The only enhancement I would recommend for the product is to have a thin layer of padding, so that it’s more comfortable for the child when put on hard surfaces. I would be happy to pay more than the $40 price tag, if this was included.

Thanks you very much Travel with Tots and Write Stuff Designs for giving Hannah and I the chance to review this wonderful product.

Thank you Leanne, for a great review, thanks for participating and we are really pleased you found the Bag It Playmat useful, we think it looks gorgeous and such a great product for us parents on the go. For info click here

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