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Purewipes are a cloth wipe that comes in ‘tablet’ form, when you add a small amount of water the tablet transforms into a wet cloth wipe. Travel with Tots staff members and two of our readers put Purewipes to the test. Here are the three reviews;

What Tina (mum to two boys) thought:

I found the Purewipes container a convenient size to pack into the nappy bag. Very little waster was required to expand to full size and yet Purewipes were still wet enough to clean dried-on Weetbix from my son’s face. They dealt easily with cleaning soil and mud after playing in the garden. I could even use one to clean my glasses!

This product is wonderful for sensitive skin too. My children and I all have very sensitive skin and were delighted to find a product that we didn’t react to.

I recommend this product, not just for use by children, but by anyone. The container is such a great size you could easily fit it into the car glove-box or bottom or your handbag with out really noticing it’s there – just extremely useful when you get into a messy situation.

What Bec (mum to 2 kids) thought;

I was very excited to recieve my Purewipes. They are such a unique idea. The packaging was so tiny. I love the tube!! I'm used to having to lug a big pick of wipes around (even the travel packs are about 4 times the size of the purewipes). It takes hardly any space in my bag at all.

At first I was a little sceptical, I thought it would be a bit of an effort having to put water on them to turn them into wipes. But I was wrong. I always have a drink bottle or 2 with me for my 2 kids so it was just a matter of pouring some water from the bottle onto the tablet to turn it into a wipe. It was quite amazing watching the transformation! These wipes are a good size so only one is needed clean up a grubby child or for a pooey nappy!

They are quite expensive ($17.95 for 80, whereas others generally retail for around $5 for 80), so I wouldn't use them for everyday wipes, but would definitely purchase some for travelling when space is limited.

What Travel with Tots staff thought:

We absolutely loved Purewipes! I love them as a mother but also as a traveller. I can think of so many occasions where Purewipes would come in handy even for adults; on long bus trips where showers are out of the question, picnics, camping or hiking the list really is endless.

Purewipes come in a handy little travel tube which is perfect for mums and dads on the go. Purewipes are more expensive than your average baby wipes and as such I wouldn’t use them for nappy changes but I will definitely keep them in my bag as a backup wipe.

They really don’t require a lot of water to ‘transform’ and water is easy to come by just about anywhere, other liquids can even be used such as an antiseptic for first aid purposes. Purewipes are good quality cloth and could easily be rinsed and reused for cleaning up messes. Purewipes also don’t contain harsh perfumes or chemicals so are fine for even the most sensitive skin.

Pure wipes would be great for parents of kids old enough to be out of nappies but still in mess making stages (like that ever ends) unexpected messes can be easily dealt with using Purewipes without having to have the weight or bulk of a packet of wipes in your bag.

I am hooked. From now on I’ll always have a tube in my bag, glovebox and nappybag!!

For more information on Purewipes please visit their website at www.purewipes.com.au

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