Pocket Balls - reusable heat packs

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Our latest design - Novelty Handy Reusable Instant Heat Packs.

Currently available in Footballs/ Rugby, Soccer Balls, Golf Balls and Basketballs and we will have a more extensive range available later in the year.

Just click the metal disk and instant heat! Anywhere – Anytime!

Each ball can generate heat for up to 30 minutes and you can reuse it over and over again. Keep them in your pocket at your favourite sporting game and stay warm!

Also handy when playing sports for those impromptu injuries and sore muscles – ease those Aches and Pains.

Available from: http://www.take5energize.com.au/Pocket-Balls


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Easy to use, reusable, kids love the novelty and design of them. Keep the kids occupied and warm in the car, on a plane, train, at sporting events etc
It would be great to get these in different designs that appeal to boys and girls.
Overall a great item which is easy to pack. Great for car trips and camping! Use for any aches and pains and a great distraction for kids when they get hurt.