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I was given the opportunity to trial the Dream Baby Potty seat by Travel With Tots.

I had started looking around for a potty for my son, who is 2.5yo, and after seeing what my options were, I knew I didnt want the regular style of potty that sits on the floor. I knew I wanted one that went on the toilet seat, but was unsure how my son would react, by that I mean he would be terrified of sitting directly on the huge toilet straight away. Thats when I saw the opportunity to try this potty seat.

I received the seat in the mail while my son was asleep, and had a look around inspecting it and putting it on the toilet seat, and in general just getting myself used to how it works. It is very basic and straight forward, it just sits on top of the toilet seat with no straps or clipping it in, which I would assume is good as that gives it the ability to fit on a wide range of different sizes and styles of toilet seats. I have a step at home that I just put in front of the toilet so my son reach up on the toilet (I would recommend you have a step handy as it makes getting up onto the toilet easier for the child).

I went ahead and started him on the seat using many hints and tips I found online after some research. Obviously he was a little hesitant about sitting on the seat, I think he was just afraid he might fall in. But all it took was some persistence and patience, and he finally got the idea of the seat and that it was safe for him and nothing to be afraid of. The seat is very comfortable for him with the soft padding. And the little cover thing on the front to protect from any spills coming out.

My son is now undie-free during the day, and even now sometimes when we go out to shops or friends house. He still uses nappies at night time, but I have no doubt we'll have problems with that, since its been pretty good so far, especially with the help of the seat.

A few pro's and con's to mention, but these are just little things in my opinion that affected things very slightly.

I love that the seat is so easily removeable, for when it is needed by us adults from time to time. But we hardly ever remove it because we do have two toilets. But I have had company over and they all have children around the same age, so it was removed and placed back very regularly with such ease. This even got a few mums to go have a look at the shops for this seat, so they might even possibly consider purchasing one. And another thing, which is really just a little personal one, are the handles on the seat. My son actually uses it to concentrate when doing a number two!! hehe

The only negative I have to make is in regards to the padded foam seat. When my son sits on the seat, the foam makes a funny sound when the air is expelled from it. The sound distracted him a lot in the beginning and would much rather investigate and play with the seat than sit and do business. I would recommend perhaps just a harder or more dense foam, still soft and comfortable but not so soft for it to be a distraction.

Overall, I am happy with this seat. Of course I really cant complain when it does the job it's supposed to. I would have orginally very much considered buying one myself, but like I said in the beginning I was hesitant that my son wouldn't use it as it sits straight onto the toilet. But very happy with this seat and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.

And I will be using it for my daughter who will be starting toilet training sometime over the next year or so.

Thank you Dream Baby and Travel with Tots for the opportunity to try this fantastic product.

Below is another review for the potty from one of our readers - Jessica.

Before I became a mum I would have thought I’d even say the following statement but so much changes when you have children. So here goes - I was very excited to trial the Dreambaby Potty Seat. Our son Lachlan is 19 months and although I don’t think he is quite ready for toilet training, he really likes to sit on the normal potty seat and is very curious about the toilet. We tried putting him on once and he nearly fell in! Oops! This potty toilet seat was fantastic as it meant that he could sit on the grown up toilet without falling in. It was obviously very comfy because he was more than happy to sit there for a while, reading his books. The potty toilet seat is very light and with the handles on the sides it meant that Lachlan could easily pick it up and (try to) place it on the toilet.  It was very easy to clean with a simple wipe down.  My only criticism is that it does not fit snugly on the toilet and if Lachlan moved around too much it wobbled. I assume this is because it is made to fit all makes and models of toilets. Overall though it is a great product and will certainly come in handy for anyone ready to toilet train their child.


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