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Baby Wrapz 2 my first real sunglasses is the world’s first convertible baby sunglasses allowing easy tool free conversion from headband to temple tips (arms) with our unique quick clip system.

The soft rubber frame makes them very comfortable and virtually unbreakable while the neoprene headband keeps them in place and also makes them float. With the addition of soft rubber temple tips this remarkable baby sunglass will fit toddlers up to 5 years old. We use only the very best impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection.  or email:

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Idol Eyes were kind enough to give us a pair of their Baby Wrapz 2 for our tot to use. The sunglasses are adorable and come in a little pouch with a headband and rubber arms which are easily attached and removed in order to grow with your tot. In Thailand, we put them on her in the pool with her hat over the band so she couldn’t pull them off, it took a bit of distraction to get them on initially, but once on, she enjoyed the swim with the adults and liked that we ALL had our Sunnies on :)
Our first attempts to get the sunglasses on caused tears and protest but we persisted and eventually when she figured out what they were and the benefits she enjoyed wearing them.
I think we will benefit greatly from these sunglasses in the future when out tot is a bit older than 14 months and understands what they are and what they do. Thank you Idol Eyes, they are a great product, very durable for toddlers hands and I will highly recommend them to my friends and families.