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We were fortunate enough to take a Konfidence Jacket on our recent trip to Bali. Here is our review;

Our toddler is a stunt baby; there is no other way to describe him. It’s not just that he has no fear it’s like he actively seeks out injury and mishap so when we saw the Konfidence Swim Vest we knew it would be perfect to help give us parents a little piece of mind and help our son swallow a lot less water.

The Konfidence vest is similar style to a life jacket but made from neoprene and has removable buoyancy ‘floats’ which you can add or change around depending on your child’s age, size and ability level in the water. The vest not only helps give bub (and mum and dad) some water confidence but it also helps with warmth (and it looks so cute.)

Our son loved his Konfidence jacket, every day when he wanted a swim he would collect it and bring it to me. It removed some of the struggle we had been having with swimming, namely his wanting to be independent but not yet able to swim on his own, he came to understand that if he wore his Konfidence jacket he was allowed to wander around in the shallow pool on his own and we knew that he wouldn’t go completely under the water and frighten himself off swimming if he slipped. (Don’t get me wrong we would sit a couple of feet away on the edge of the pool but little Mr independent would allow us to be hanging onto him.)

The Konfidence Jacket is a fabulous invention, much safer feeling and more practical than the alternative ‘floaties.’ The floatation is all around the torso of your child and the added warmth means longer in the pool burning off more toddler energy and who wouldn’t love that.

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