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When leaving for Bali we didn’t want to be taking bunches of disposable swim nappies so we had a chat to our friends at Cloth for Comfort and they hooked us up with a cute royal blue reusable swim nappy (medium size for our nearly year old.)

The swim nappy was made to a really high standard and seemed much more comfortable for our little guy than the disposable variety. I have to admit I was a little nervous about ‘accidents’ in the pool especially given the tummy upsets that go along with a trip to Bali but am happy to report we had NO nappy leaks! After weeks of chlorine and sunshine there is also no sign of fading of the nappy and it still looks brand new and adorable.

The swim nappy is adjustable in size with Velcro fastening that you simply tighten or loosen according to your child’s size, another great thing about Velcro fastening is you don’t need to try and pull down a dirty or wet nappy you simply undo the sides to change your child. We also used the cloth for comfort swim nappy in conjunction with the ‘Konfidence nappy cova’ with great success (more on that later.)

The nappy was easy to rinse clean and quick to dry after each use.

We loved the Cloth for Comfort Swim Nappy and will definitely be buying the next size up once our toddler outgrows this one, a great alternative to disposables.

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Cloth for Comfort Swim Nappy

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