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If your child uses a dummy you are possibly like me and spend half your life searching for where your little one has hidden them, Spatz Dummy Clips are a life saver.

At home we try to restrict dummy use to bedtime but that rule (like TV restrictions) goes out the window when we are flying or travelling. During a flight we let our son have his dummy to help clear his ears, it also helps him deal with any uncertainty but over the last couple of years we have lost countless dummies on planes (probably a pay cheque's worth).

When I came across the Spatz Dummy clip range I wondered why I’d never thought of it before. Pre- flight we clipped a dummy onto our son's top and one onto his jacket. We didn’t lose a single dummy inflight.

The dummy clips were also great from a hygiene point of view. We could allow our son to use his dummy as he liked whenever he felt he needed it for comfort knowing that it was safely attached to his top and not being dragged through dirt or collecting germs.

Spatz have a huge range of gorgeous designs from dinosaurs and pirates to turtles, butterflies and angels and the ever popular licensed characters like Elmo, Winnie the Pooh and Dora.

Spatz also make other cute and useful products like rusk clips, toy tethers and drink bottle saver clips and for more info on the Spatz range or to purchase please visit

Spatz Dummy Clip

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