Jewellery with Bite

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Our testing of Jewellery with Bite proved to be a bit of a surprise.  

We received our jewellery when Sophie was approximately 3 months old, expecting to have to wait a while to be able to road test it....two days before reaching 4 months she had 2 teeth come through at the same time!  Straight away we tried out our jewellery but as much as she enjoyed chewing on it her dexterity had not yet developed enough to be able to hold onto it as it was too small.  

Fast forward to 6 months of age and Sophie now regularly has a good chew.  She seems to enjoy the taste, there are no marks from her teeth on it (which I felt would make it less appealing as an item of jewellery), it didn't break away in pieces and still looks new after approximately 20 hours of use.  

As a piece of jewellery, I didn't wear it a lot as its not the sort of thing I wear but I did wear it once underneath a top when going somewhere she had to remain quiet for a period and used it to occupy her for a while.  Was great to just be able to pull it out and give it to her without rummaging in the nappy bag!  

Other ways I have used it was to loop it through the handle of the nappy bag so it is easily accessible but not getting dirty, and to loop it onto the straps of the stroller so that she can't throw it away...the latest game!  

You do need to take care with the necklace section however, as it is long enough to loop around your babies neck as a risk of strangulation, so I tended not to loop it over Sophie's head and she also played with and sucked on the string.  I would recommend not leaving your baby alone with it though, as I can see how a bub could get tangled.


Overall, I found it to be a good product...once she could hold onto it!


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