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goolie goolie ™ is a soother and comforter in one. It is a baby’s dummy that is permanently attached to an Australian plush animal, designed to keep the dummy close to baby, without the use of cords or clips.

goolie goolie ™ product range includes 3 iconic Australian animals, a Wombat, Kangaroo and Koala.

Each design has been tested and approved by an authorised laboratory.

It meets the strict mandatory Australian Safety Standards.

Australian designed and owned Complies with mandatory Australian Safety Standards

Recommended for 0-6 months

Medical grade silicone teat

High quality plush material

Easy for baby to grasp and manipulate plush & dummy

Easy to clean Great gift idea - affordable and well-packaged

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Stops my baby girl sucking her thumb. She carries it rather than sucking on it all the time. It is easy to find when she puts it down.
She is now using it as a comforter. :)
Initially I wasn't sure whether it was going to be suitable for my girl as she hasn't been a dummy user and would prefer to suck her thumb. She has although taken to this easy. We love it! Her brother tries to put it into her mouth all the time.


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Looks cute, easier to find than a normal dummy.
My daughter kept pulling the toy making the dummy fall out. She then cried.
I received the Goolie Goolie just before my daughter turned 6 months old- so she may have been too old for it. It would definitely suit a younger baby.
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Easy to find and perfect for travelling
Doesn't come in a variety of dummy shapes
Would malet a great gift for a new mum. Was great to take traveling