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The Track 2 U is a small GPS tracking device designed to give parents peace of mind to know where their children are. We thought the Track 2 U would be great for travelling parents to learn about so we had one of our readers Bec test out the device, here is Bec’s review:

I trialled the Track2U device. The Track2U is a clever tool for keeping track of your little ones. There are many uses for the Track2U, the ones most useful for my young children are when we go to busy/crowded events in case they get lost, such as the Adelaide show, or when we are on holidays in areas we don’t know.

Track2U was easy to use. It had easy to follow instructions so was easy to set up. Set up involves setting the mobile phones the device will talk to (up to 3 numbers can be set).

When you want to know where the person/device is, it’s simply a matter of either calling the Track2U and hanging up after 3 rings, or sending it a simple text message. Within seconds you receive back a text message which includes the information including the coordinates. I loved how the text message you received had the exact Google map web address you needed, including the numbers to type in. I was originally concerned with having to remember the web address until I received the message (you may have to scroll down to see the web address though).

Originally I didn’t quite see why you would use this over a mobile phone, but after using it I see the advantages over a mobile phone being the Track2U gives you the co-ordiates of where the person is, without them having to know where they are or try and describe it to you.

It allows for 2 way communication through the SOS function – which is simply a matter of pressing down the button for 3 seconds. The unit then sends an SMS to you saying help me and giving the co-ordinates, and then rings you so you can communicate. The device also sends you a text message when the battery is low, which is a handy reminder to recharge.

The disadvantage for me was the cost. I was concerned about letting my 4 year old son take it anywhere in case he either lost it or just decided he didn’t want it so left it somewhere. It would also be most useful if you have access to the internet (therefore Google maps) on your mobile phone (which I don’t). So for me I had to have access to a computer with internet to find the location.

Overall this is a great device which would give you peace of mind!

Thanks for participating Bec and for the very informative review. DNA Security Solutions can also hire you a Track 2 U for when you are travelling. For more information visit

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