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Hailey recently tested out the Dreambaby Safety Harness with her two year old son Malakai. Here is Hailey’s review:

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Dreambaby Safety Harness, designed to help keep toddlers secure. Keeping toddlers from climbing out of high chairs, strollers or sliding out of seats.

Initially before I was I mum, I always thought that putting a child in a harness was cruel and reminded me of walking a dog, but since having a 2yr old that runs off at any chance he gets, I now understand the NEED for them.

Since receiving the safety harness to review, I no longer procrastinate or have anxiety attacks at the thought of having to take master 2; Malakai and his baby sister Willow, 11 months out shopping, it’s also proven rather handy when collecting him from day care and trying to juggle holding a baby, unlocking the car and trying to stop master 2 from running out into the carpark.

Malakai likes to prove his independence and hates being confined to a pram, so the harness has proven a real winner with him.

He doesn't mind it being put on and has realised that if its on it means we are going some where.

It straps on easily, clips up at the back and doesn't strangle him in any way. The "reins" are exactly that and are good for keeping your child close as they do not stretch, although they could be a little longer they do what they were designed to do. The harness also came with two attachable loops that clip on in place of the reins and can be used to keep your child strapped into a chair or stroller. Its not bulky so it stores nicely in the side of the nappy bag when its not needed.

I would definately recommend the harness to anyone who asks... I will definitely be using the harness when we go for our holiday to NZ at christmas, its going to make my life just that little bit easier.

Thanks for the opportunity to review this product – from Hailey, Malakai (2yrs) & Willow (11 mths)

Thanks for participatingin our review program Hailey we look forward to seeing some snaps of Malakai with the Safety harness.

For more info on Dreambaby’s Safety Harness or the rest of their great travel products please visit their website at www.dreambaby.com.au

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