Dreambaby Holiday House Kit

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We recently headed off to a friend’s holiday house for a few weeks break with our toddler, the house is owned by a couple with no children so childproofing was required. Dreambaby were kind enough to kit us out with some essentials to childproof the house and keep our little one safe.

We took with us the Dreambaby extra tall safety gate and 2 gate extensions, a sensor night light, an oven lock, several multi- purpose latches and cabinet locks. The first thing we did upon arriving at the house (after letting the cranky, sick of being in car toddler have a run on the beach) was to take a look around and see which aspects of the house we needed to child proof.

We popped the Oven lock on the oven, moved all the sharp utensils in the kitchen to the top drawer and used a multipurpose latch to secure it closed, used cabinet locks on the bathroom cupboard and the under sink cupboard containing chemicals. Popped the night light in the plug in the hallway, and our toddler set about setting up the safety gate.

The sensor night light is perfect in an unfamiliar environment like a holiday house (or a hotel) it switches on at dark and off at dawn, it helps you and your child navigate their way to the bathroom or mum and dads room at night without losing their way and crashing into anything, we always pack a nightlight for travel even though we don’t use one at home.

If you really want a ‘holiday’ instead of having to spend your whole break stopping your toddler getting into things they shouldn’t, then a few basic supplies from Dreambaby can help. Bringing along a selection of cabinet locks and multi-purpose latches means you know the kitchen and bathroom are safe, we recommend having a couple in your bag wherever you are travelling to, they can easily apply to a range of different cupboard and drawer styles.

The Extra tall safety gate is a life saver! Dreambaby gates can now be extended to cover an area of just over 3 metres and come in an extra tall size (1 metre high) perfect if your child is a climber and has learnt to scale regular height gates. We loved the freedom the Dreambaby gate and extensions gave us, we were able to fit the gate to a number of different areas, it can be used on decks, wide hallways or even in lieu of a gate across a driveway. Our little climber didnt manage to get over the Extra Tall gate.

Overall, Dreambaby’s products gave us a much more relaxing holiday; we are now refreshed and ready for the next big trip (to Bali) where we will test out the Dreambaby Pram Insect Net and Stroller Fan.

For more info on these or other great Dreambaby products please visit their website at www.dreambaby.com.au

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