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TWT reader, Georgia recently flew from Perth to Bali with her 5 year old and 2 year old twins. She tested out the CARES Flight harness on her twins courtesy of our friends at Little Gulliver. Here is Georgia’s review:


Normally I would be concerned by the logistics of a baby product that comes with both an instructional manual and DVD. So it was with some apprehension that I popped the DVD on - however, it is a quick and simple 5 minute guide on how to install and uninstall the CARES Harness. Brilliant for technologically challenged people like myself. Likewise, the small instructional leaflet is a simple step-by-step diagram. Much better than a manual filled with paragraphs of tiny writing that you can hardly read, let alone understand. I love this simplicity because, when it came time to use the CARES Harness - I had my arms full of twins, toddler, hand luggage and travel documents. I was extremely impressed with how simple it was to install the harness, how quick it was (so that I wasn't holding up others trying to board the plane), and how stress-free it was. It literally took me all of 2 minutes to install two harnesses.

My twins were a week shy of 2 when we flew from Perth to Bali using the harnesses. I've flown many times with my 5yr old, and have always found the small aircraft lap belts to be grossly inadequate in holding a wriggly toddler in place. Kids hate having to sit still at the best of times, least of all when they're told they have to on an aircraft full of people to meet and buttons to press. They're dying to get out and explore, and the lap belt just isn't enough to hold them in place. Not my kids anyway.

The CARES Harness is height adjustable, so the chest strap wasn't cutting my twins off at the neck or sitting too low, and the shoulder straps are adjustable so it wasn't too loose or too tight. It is also small and compact, and doesn't impinge on the passenger behind you where it is secured around the head rest, just above their tray table. I love that it comes with its own hardy carry tote, and weighs very little - easily fitting into your cabin baggage, and not taking up much of the valuable hand luggage allowance.

A number of fellow passengers eyed the harness with envy, as they tried to hold their toddlers in place. My kids tried to wriggle a few times, but once they realised they were strapped in as snugly as if in a car seat, they sat still. Blissfully motionless, but for the octopus arms trying to grab everything within reach. I can't tell you how much less stressful the flight was for me - being that I was travelling solo with the kids, as my Hubby joined us a couple of days later. Memories of my first born whining and wriggling out of her lap belt consistently had me dreading this flight with twins to contend with. I could actually use my hands for things other than restraining my kids, such as eating, feeding them, filling out Immigration paperwork - sheer bliss!

In short, the CARES Harness was a complete dream on first use.

On our return flight we were on a different airline, seated in the front row. This is the row we have previously opted for, because the twins have been under 2yrs of age and not had their own seats. So they are used to sitting up front on our laps, and getting down to sit on the floor and play in the space in front of our seats. I was concerned they would be expecting to get down and play on the floor as with previous flights, but was relieved when this wasn't an issue. The twins actually seemed to find the Harnesses something of a novelty, and took great delight in being strapped in. While our flight over was an early morning flight, our return was an evening flight, so I was also curious as to how they would sleep in the harnesses. They simply fell asleep and we reclined their seats - once again, just as if they were in the car.

I can't praise this product highly enough. We fly a few times a year with our kids, and the CARES Harness has been a godsend. It is well worth its value for one long haul flight alone, for the piece of mind as a parent, knowing that your child is adequately and safely secured in their seat. And also for your own sanity and stress levels in not having to constantly wrangle your wriggly toddler back into their seat.

I am so grateful to both Little Gulliver and Travel With Tots for the opportunity to try this product. I am a definite fan, and will be recommending it to anyone and everyone.

Thanks for your great review Georgia, We are so pleased Liv and Joel were happy little travellers in their CARES harness’. For more information on the CARES harness please visit

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