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The Allerbling wristband is a unique medical ID bracelet, which is designed to be customised using inter-changeable charms, based on your child's changing food allergies.

The bracelet pack, which is suitable for children aged 3-5, comes complete with:-
* 1 small (140mm) and 1 medium (156mm) band,
* 8 food allergy charms
(Peanut, Tree Nut, Egg, Dairy, Wheat,
Fish, Shellfish and Soy),
PLUS 1 medical cross charm.
Small, Medium and Large wristbands (180mm) available for individual purchase.
NEW Sesame Charm now available for individual purchase
ALL charms now available for individual purchase!!

The best way to avoid food allergy emergencies is through awareness.
As parents, we want our children to be safe.
When your child is in school, on playdates, in summer camp, or just hanging out
at the playground, Allerbling can be your silent partner that informs and
reminds others about your child's food allergies.


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Amanda’s 4 year old daughter suffers from a severe dairy allergy, Amanda recently tested out the Allerbling by Star Allergy Alerts. Here is her review: The overall look of this bracelet was 'wow' what a fantastic idea. It's incredibly bright (a fluro orange colour) so immediately catches your eye. It comes with a variety of different allergy buttons to use on the bracelet covering the most common allergies such as nuts, seafood, dairy etc. We however only needed the buttons - dairy free and also put on it the medic alert button. The main part of the bracelet is made from a soft rubber and is comfortable enough to wear 24/7. My 4 year old daughter, being a typical little girl thinks it's fantastic that she is allowed to wear jewellery (the bracelet) all the time and proudly shows everyone she meets her bracelet as she thinks it's pretty, unbeknown to her it also helps make others aware of what's on the bracelet too so that a massive gold star in my books. She has now worn it for 2 weeks straight and it's still a very vibrant colour and the main bracelet hasn't shown any sign of wear and tear. However - the dairy free button I noticed the black lettering is wearing already and the white is now more of a grey colour than a vibrant white, it dosn't stop it's effectiveness but is a little disapointing as I don't consider 2 weeks a very long time. I am hoping I am able to buy the new button to replace the worn out button without having to buy a whole new bracelet. The buttons pop in easily but don't pop out easily which is fantastic even with little fingers constantly touching and twisting at them. Being a rubber bracelet however it has tendencies to get caught in hair at night if your child likes to sleep with their hands up near their head. The size was perfect (we are trialled the size appropriate for age 3 - 5 and my daughter is a very very small 4 year old) and it stays put on the wrist not getting in the way at all when writing, colouring, painting and drawing. Overall even with a couple of slight negatives I would still recommend this bracelet to everyone that's child has an allergy or intolerance.