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Candy is mum to 7 children, she recently tested out the Snooze Shade with her youngest children. Here is Candy’s review

When you have a young baby, going out at naptime becomes very stressful. I know that when my babies want a nap, they let you know loud and clear. If your baby is anything like mine they like things to cosy and dark before they will settle down for a nap, an environment that is very hard to achieve when you are out and about.

So my usual tactic was to drape a bunny rug over the front of the pram or across the car window, trying to make things dark for nap time. But you know what my babies did? Yank that blanket down, put their feet in the air and kick at it till it all ends up on top of their head. I spent a lot of time trying to keep that blanket on the pram, weighing it down with my bag, toys and I even tried pegs. No luck, down it would come and so would the tears.

So, when I was asked to try out the SnoozeShade, I had my doubts – how can there possibly be a method of pram cover up that I haven’t tried?

Turns out I’ve ended up using it at least twice a week since I received it, it has become a permanent addition to my baby luggage. I have a fleet of different shaped prams and it fits them all, the velcro attachments will fit somewhere on your pram. I do think it could use a extra clip of some kind at the very top in the centre, my bigger baby found that this was the point he could pull down and play up, but that is really the only negative thing I have to say about it.

I have used the shade everywhere, I moved house recently so the SnoozeShade was SO good to have. I end up spending days on the road and the SnoozeShade was a sanity saver. It also works great at the beach or in windy places and the SPF 50 kept the sun and the heat off bubs, the velcro held it on no problems.

One of the big things for me was when using it out in a shopping centre, have you ever managed to get baby off to sleep only to have them get disturbed and woken – the SnoozeShade fends off curious toddlers and nosey nannas. I loved that. So, it turns out that this is not one of those baby accessories that you don’t really need, you know the kind, but it is really a useful well made product that does the job. Anything that lessens my stress is awesome in my book. Thanks Travel with Tots and SnoozeShade for letting us test it out.

Thanks for your great review Candy. For more information on the Snooze Shade or for purchase details please visit their website at

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