Dreambaby Stroller Fan

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What a great, unique product!

At first I wasn’t too sure about this product for a baby, but having used it, seen how much my daughter loves it, I am thrilled to have one for the hot days when you venture out. When we first used it my daughter was so interested in it and just loved the sensation of the air blowing on her face, it was so funny to watch!

My little girl really feels the heat and does not like being too hot! The little stroller fan not only cools her down but keeps her occupied and amused whilst doing so. As soon as its hot outside now and I get the fan out, she gets really excited while I am putting it on the pram.

We have used the fan on a few hot days when we have been out and about  and also on not so hot days (what can I say, we live in Melbourne) as a bit of a distraction. It has been a huge success.

I wish I had this little contraption when we travelled to the UK a few months ago. My baby was only 4 months old and the aircon above our seat on the aeroplane didn't work. Needless to say, it was a very long, hot flight which we spent fanning her down with the on board safety card. Oh how I wish I had this fan then...anyway, until next time!

We are travelling to Thailand next year and the fan will definitely be coming with us for those hot and humid days! It is a great, convenient size and has become a necessary summer item in our nappy bag!

We highly recommend the stroller fan, especially if your little one feels the heat.

Thanks Dreambaby for another fantastic, innovative product!

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