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MummaBubba Jewellery offers the ideal combination of form and function, so mum can sit back and relax in the latest fashion accessories with the peace of mind that they are providing safe, much needed relief to tender little gums.

MummaBubba Jewellery is an Australian owned teething jewellery label which is designed in Melbourne. All our pieces are original, unique and exclusive to the MummaBubba Jewellery range. The material used in our jewellery is FDA approved silicone, which is non toxic and free from nasty chemicals such as BPA, PVC phthalates, cadmium and lead. We independently test our products to European, Australian and New Zealand standards. Each piece features a breakaway clasp so snagging will not occur, instead the clasp will gently release, stopping the necklace from breaking like regular costume jewellery.

MummaBubba products provide an innovative solution to teething troubles with a range of colourful, seasonal, fashionable accessories which young babies and their Mums love. We trust you and your baby will enjoy wearing MummaBuba Jewellery.

We are proud sponsors of the PANDA foundation creating an exclusive range of products for them with FULL proceeds going back to PANDA. Their designs can be purchased directly from PANDA.

Our Jewellery is not a TOY and should not be left with children under 3 years old unsupervised

Please visit MummaBubba Jewellery for further Info

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Jewellery that is colourful and fashionable to wear with a baby, yes please! This great product is robust, good for our little ones and a great distraction when needed.
The necklaces are long to let bubs play with them without strangling you, it took a bit of getting used as I don't normally wear longer style necklaces.
Fantastic product, perfect for travelling in particular for the plane, it was a great distraction on take off and landing to keep our wriggling little one occupied and still.
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