Chukkies Travel Sickness Bags

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Two of Erin’s children suffer from travel sickness. Erin kindly tested out Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags for Travel With Tots. Here is Erin’s review:

First of all thankyou so much for letting me try out the Chuckies travel sickness bags. We live in a rural area an hour away from town , I have 3 children and two of them get carsick, my 7 year old boy and my 2 year old daughter. My son suffers terribly when it comes to travelling in the car, he is ALWAYS getting carsick and we dreaded taking him anywhere.

We have to travel on coastal roads which are very windy and if I am not driving I feel car sick myself (I suffered terribly when younger.) We travel those windy roads to town once a week and my little girl gets sick each trip so I need to wash her car seat each week so Chuckies are incredibly useful in our family.

After testing them out I found them to be an excellent must have for the car.

The Chuckies Travel sickness bags are great because they are small enough to tuck in the pocket behind the front seats, they don't take up a lot of room and are subtly hidden away. They are also perfect size for storing in the glove box.

The Chuckies bags are strong enough to hold alot of contents and they do not leak, plus the can be sealed shut once used making them easy to get rid of. The mouth part is just the right size.

I recommend these bags to all parents that have carsick children, they are even big enough for adults to use.

Thanks for participating Erin and for your great review, we hope the children grow out of their travel sickness soon! For more info on Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags or to make a purchase please visit their website at

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