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Nicole recently travelled to Canberra with her 7 month old son, Bodhi, they took along the Wean Machine to test out for us. Here is Niole’s review:

When I arrived home on Monday afternoon a package was awaiting me. I eagerly ripped it open and was delighted to find our new Wean Machine. I spent a little while checking it out and reading the information that it came with and then took it to the kitchen where I pondered how and when I would use it first! Our big trip to Canberra was coming up on the weekend, but I didn’t think that I could wait that long.

Thankfully the opportunity came that evening when our little raspberry blowing monkey decided he wouldn’t eat his dinner. Knowing that he loves his banana we chopped one in half and stuck it in the bowl then squeezed the handles together. I was amazed at how easy it was to turn half a banana into mush! We then poured a little custard into the top and stirred it around with the provided spoon (that conveniently clips into the top) and we had one very happy bubba! After he was finished I started the dreaded task of washing the dishes, but was delighted to find that the Wean Machine was super easy to clean. It all clips apart ensuring that no little bits of food get stuck in the “grill” section.

We used the Wean Machine several times before we headed off for our weekend away and it was one of the first things I packed!

On our way down to Canberra we stopped for some lunch and to feed the little man. It was so nice not to have to worry about having vegies that were heated to the right temperature or hoping that the frozen fruit puree had thawed enough. I simply cut an avocado in half and scooped out the green goodness into the bowl of the Wean Machine (which is so much deeper than I first thought – the amount of food it holds is quite amazing!) I squeezed the handles together and watched as little “worms” of avocado came through. It was so easy to then spoon the avocado out and feed it to my little one, even with him still in his car seat. The handle of the Wean Machine makes meals much easier to manage while out and about, as opposed to balancing a bowl on your lap.

Another great feature of the Wean Machine is the clip on cover. It ensures that all parts, including the extra “grill” remain clean while not in use.

I would definitely recommend the Wean Machine to other families. It makes it so quick and easy to give your little one fresh, homemade food on the go!

Thanks for your great review Nicole. For more info on the Wean Machine please visit

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