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I always find one of the biggest issues of travelling with a baby or toddler is food. Will they eat the local food? Will they get sick? Will they go on hunger strike if foods aren’t familiar to them?

I have had glass jars break in my bag and go through EVERYTHING leaving clothes, nappies everything coated in apple and mango… not pleasant. Since then I travel with Rafferty’s Garden squeeze pack baby foods, not only do they not shatter they are also lighter on the luggage allowance.

When preparing for our trip to Bali, I was like any other mum and concerned about what my toddler would and wouldn’t eat and whether he would get the dreaded ‘Bali belly’ so I decided to not only take Rafferty’s Garden for him to consume during the flight but to pack one for each day we were away. It would be a familiar food for him and meant I would know he had eaten at least some fruit and veg for the day that way it didn’t matter so much if he just picked at food or had something not so nutritious like just plain noodles for dinner.

I was so pleased that we took the Rafferty’s Garden with us, our son really, really enjoyed having something from home to eat each day. Having them in my day pack bought us some time and if we weren’t near an appropriate place to eat I could give him a Rafferty’s and avoid hungry grumpy toddler time. I also found Rafferty's to be a wonderful mess free feeding option. Our toddler would drink them straight from the pack so there was no need to try and find a clean spoon or bowl when out and about.

Rafferty’s Garden have a great range of tasty flavours available as well as a delicious Smoothie range. We found the Smoothie range especially handy in Bali as our son didn’t like the different taste of their dairy but still benefited from the goodness of the yoghurt in the Smoothie range.

Even if your child is growing out of the baby food stage, I would still recommend having a few Rafferty’s Garden packs on hand for a trip abroad, they were so convenient and so appreciated by my son that I only wish we had of brought more along for him. Towards the end of our trip we did manage to find Rafferty’s Garden products in several of the larger supermarkets although they were more expensive than here in Australia.

Rafferty’s Garden should definitely be added to your packing list, they made a great trip much much easier and less stressful!! For more info on the Rafferty’s Garden range please visit www.raffertysgarden.com.au

Rafferty's Garden Baby Food

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