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Karla has just tested out the KissKiss HugHug Breastfeeding Cover for us on a girls weekend at Kingscliff. Here is Karla’s review:


This month I reviewed the KissKiss HugHug reversible breastfeeding cover. Having already breastfed two children for 12 months each, I wasn’t sure I was in need of this product. Let me now say – I love this product and wish I had known about it earlier!

These covers allow you to feed your baby anywhere with privacy and still look stylish at the same time. The cover slips easily over any outfit (I could easily unfold it and get it over my head with one hand) and has a unique neckline that keeps the fabric off bub’s face so that you can still have eye-to-eye contact.

The 100% cotton fabric is extremely lightweight and the cover folds up nicely into my nappy bag. The cover is reversible so you have two stylish designs to choose from. The satin neck tie is very comfortable and has a buckle so you can adjust the cover for the length that suits you. The cover can also be used as a change mat or as a sunshade when carrying your baby in a pouch or in the pram.

I took my cover with me on a girl’s weekend to Mantra on Salt at Kingscliff. My bub was the only child so we dined out every meal and spent some time at the day spa and of course shopping! The cover allowed me the flexibility to feed bub wherever, whenever discreetly and with confidence. Bub is now four-and-a-half months old and at times quite distracted while feeding – pulling off and exposing me! This was the major advantage for me when using the cover. She was less distracted and if she did pull off, I was covered. I also loved the length of the cover. This allowed me to wear any outfit and not worry about my belly being exposed when lifting my top to feed.

I would definitely recommend the KissKiss HugHug reversible breastfeeding cover to any nursing mother that wants to cover up and stay fashionable.

Thanks for participating Karla and for your great review. For more info on the KissKiss HugHug Breastfeeding cover please visit their website at  


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