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Yvette and her family recently took a holiday driving through Australia’s red centre. Yvette and her 5 month old daughter Kirrily tested out the Iiamo Go Self Warming Bottle for us. Here is their review:

I was very excited to learn I was to review the iiamo go self-warming bottle. It is a very funky modern design with cool colours available.

We used it during our driving holiday through the red centre. When our little one started getting hungry, we barely had to stop driving, only long enough for me to jump in the back of the car. With my husband still driving, I just tipped in the formula, shook it up to mix then placed the warming cartridge in, gave the bottom a twist and the bottle a little shake and within 4minutes it was warm.

The first time we used it we had room temperature water in the bottle as per the instructions and it warmed it a little too hot for our babies taste, it took another 5 minutes for it to be more her liking. So you may need to experiment with using cool or cold water to better suit your baby. We were a little worried that the iiamo would continue to heat as the milk got drunk and the milk would just get hotter and hotter but not so, it just heated it initially then kept it warm.

The first couple of times we used the bottle, it leaked, however it must have been user error as after the first 3 goes it stopped leaking. We’re not sure what flow teat came with the bottle but it was a little too fast for our slow drinker, it would be good if the box said what flow it was, so we could have ordered different sized teats. (TWT – The iiamo baby bottle is suitable from birth so it automatically comes with a teat for newborns, other sizes are available for purchase for older babies and you can even interchange teats from other bottle systems as long as they are not the wide neck bottles.)

The iiamo Go is a 180ml bottle. I think it would be great if a larger bottle size was also offered for older babies when they may be drinking 200mls plus per bottle.

TWT- After reading Yvette’s review, we spoke with iiamo retailers; Tarbea in relation to the sizing of the iiamo bottles and they let us know, that the iiamo baby bottle is a 'normal' size feeding bottle from the outside, but as you have a 'hole' from underneath to fit the cartridge to heat the milk this takes up space that would normally hold more milk/formula. Therefore to have a bottle that holds a standard 240ml, it would need to be bigger and it would most likely be too awkward to hold.

The cost of the system could get expensive if you needed to buy more than 1 bottle unless you were to travel frequently and get a lot of use out of them, but the 1 was enough for us and we will happily buy more cartridges for future use.

All in all, we were very happy with the bottle, it is incredibly easy to pull apart and clean, we always used it in the car on our long drives, but it would be perfect for when flying and sightseeing also. So until Kirrily needs a larger quantity of milk I will continue to use the iiamo Go on our trips, driving, or flying. I have some more trips planned and the Iiamo is at the top of my packing list!

Thanks so much for your great review Yvette and for the gorgeous pics of Kirrily.

For further information on the iiamo Go self warming bottle or to purchase please visit our friends at www.tarbea.com.au


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