Fridge-to-go Lunch Cooler Bag

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Who doesn’t want to simplify their lives especially when travelling?

With the Fridge-to-go 8 hour cooler bags keeping food and drink cool while on the move is easy. The perfect lunch bag to transport dairy, meat, anything and if it’s not eaten, put it back in the fridge for later - less waste!

Great for babies (transporting breast milk) and the bag grows with your child. Easy to use just freeze the thin panel overnight, put back in zipped pocket fill and go. It’s parents favourite lunch bag!

BPA-free, lead and PVC safe and simple.

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The fridge-to-go lunch bag is great, especially for travelling. We used ours everyday in Thailand as we were out and about and it was perfect to keep snacks, lunch and water bottles cool in for up to 8 hours. The flat cooler panel ensures maximum space in the bag and also keeps the contents and bag in shape.
This bag will last us for a long time and we use it so much! We don't just use it for overseas travel, but for car trips, picnics and day trips out and about. Thank you to Fridge-to-go for a wonderful product which I will most definately recommend ot my friends and family.