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What we needed

Hayley and her husband Adam play a lot of sport, so weekends have them travelling to sports fields all over South Western Victoria often with no way to heat baby Tanner’s bottle. Hayley had been carting around a thermos of boiling water and bottles of cool water and mixing hoping to get the right temperature in Tanner’s bottle.

What we decided on

We came across the Click ‘N’ Go Bottle Warmer by Aussie company; Cherub Baby. The Click ‘N’ Go doesnt require batteries or power to operate, you just click a metal disc within the Gel Pack and it creates a chemical reaction which then heats the bottle. It is reusable after boiling and can even heat jars of baby food.

What we thought

I loved the convenience of the Click ‘N’ Go Bottle Warmer and not having to carry a thermos of boiling water everywhere I went.

The Click ‘N’ Go is really easy to use, just click the disc and it starts to heat, the instructions say bottles take 15-20 mins to heat and I did find that as I use the really fat bottles they do take the full 20 minutes to heat through. You can also freeze the Click ‘N’ Go to use for cooling or use it to heat jars of baby food.

I chose the Click ‘N’ Go over bottle warmers that required power or batteries as it’s more self sufficient, I can keep it in the glove box of the car or the nappy bag and know that I can heat Tanner’s bottle wherever we may end up without having to rely on there being a power connection.

To reuse the Click N Go you just need to boil it in a saucepan for a few minutes, its easy to do and you can just do it at night when you are sterilising bottles etc, it really doesnt take much extra work. The only slight down side of the Click ‘N’ Go is that its a bit of a one hit wonder when you are out and about for the day you can only use once and then it needs to be boiled before reusing but it was really handy for days out shopping as well as weekends at our sporting matches.

The Click ‘N” Go made life just that little bit simpler. It would be great for family camping trips, weekends away and car trips.

It is dad proof, Adam used it too (even before I did in fact) and he also found it simple and our little man Tanner didn’t notice any difference.

I would recommend the Click ‘N’ Go Bottle Warmer for busy families on the go. Ours will continue to get a lot of use.

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Click N Go Bottle Warmer

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