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Our readers Bec and Limarni and their gorgeous daughters have just tested out Bibska Bibs with their super handy dummy saver attachments for TWT. First up is Bec’s review:

Bibska Bibs = awesome bib! I tried this bib on a 22 month old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. When I first received the bib I was impressed with the quality and look. It was very well made and was just so darn cute! I put it on my 21 month old and whilst it fit her, it didn’t cover enough of her body to be much use for when she eats. She is very messy however, and seems to get food everywhere.

I tried it on my 2 year old nephew, who is a much cleaner eater, but drips a lot when he is eating fruit. This was a great bib for him as it caught all the drips, whilst still looking funky (okay well it would have had we had a boys one for him). Definitely a winner for a child like this.

I then put it on my 6 month old niece Leila. This bib was fantastic for Leila. She dribbles a lot, and the bib caught it all. The shape and look of this bib was fantastic for a dribble bib. The dummy saver was a great addition. It was good to have the dummy attached so when the dummy was spat out it wouldn’t go on the ground. Leila isn’t a huge dummy user, but she found another use for it. Leila used the strap for sucking on. I would buy the dummy saver just to give an inbuilt, clean sucking toy. This kept Leila entertained for ages! We also attached a small toy to the dummy saver, and this was great for when she dropped the toy.

Overall I give the bib a 10/10 for a young, dribbly baby.  Definitely consider getting the dummy saver if your baby likes to suck or chew or has dummies.

Thanks for participating Bec and for your fab review. For more info on the gorgeous range of bibs available from Bibska bibs please visit their website at

 Here is Limarni and Phoebe’s review:

Over the past fortnight Phoebe has been lucky enough to wear a Bibska Bib, and while she has looked gorgeous in it I have had all the fantastic benefits, the first being the bandana design. It just looks stylish! Instead of either hiding what she is wearing or just taking away from the beauty of my gorgeous baby the Bibska Bib adds to her outfit, looking like an accessory rather than an essential item in her wardrobe.

I was sent a gorgeous pink and white spotted one to review, which was fantastic as most of Phoebe’s wardrobe is pink, however on further investigation I found that the range of colours and designs that you can get the bib in will suit any wardrobe that your baby may have. It was comfortable for her to wear with a cotton front and towelling back but absorbent enough that no food stains ended up on her clothing.

The feature that I loved on the Bibska bib is that it includes a dummy attachment. I thought this was fantastic! Phoebe is forever throwing her dummy over the side of her pram while out and about and instead of losing them they just fell in her lap – saving me not only money but she was able to find it herself. It also has two size clips at the neck so it grows with your baby.

Finally, it was very easy to wash and wear. I simply threw it in the machine with Phoebe’s other clothes and line dried and it came up as good as new. There was no pilling or fraying on edges. The bibska Bib travelled all around Brisbane with us over the past week, to playgroup, the shops, parks and visiting and we had lots of questions and comments about it! I was (and am) 100% confident to recommend it to everybody as an essential item for all babies. I will certainly be adding more to Phoebe’s wardrobe. Thanks so much for choosing Phoebe and I to review this stunning item.

Thanks to you too Limarni, for participating in our review program. Phoebe looks adorable in her Bibska Bib! For more info on the gorgeous range of bibs available from Bibska bibs please visit their website at  

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