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Our innovative bib has meal time wrapped up, wherever you are. Complete with:

Loop to hang bib on your bag or pram
Unzip to reveal wipe clean bib
Handy catcher formed when bib is open
Soft bite spoon BPA, Phthalates and PVC free

No more zip lock bags! Just pack your essential travel bib and after bub has finished, simply pop the spoon inside, fold bib back inside catcher, zip and go. All the mess is safely contained. Then when you get home, simply rinse it clean.

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We were lucky to recently test out the new Travel Bib with our messy Travelling Tot, one year old Luka and we loved it. Here is our review; For starters, I love the idea of the Travel Bib; It is a polyester coated bib that has a pouch to collect mess when it is in use, it comes with its own spoon and once your little one has finished eating (creating a mess) you simply fold the bib, the spoon and all the mess back inside the pouch and zip it up until you get somewhere that you can wash it. Because of the polyester coating, the bib can be wiped down with a baby wipe if you are out and about for the whole day and need to reuse it, which is a huge plus. I also liked that is comes with its own spoon, its great knowing that the Travel bib is in your bag or glove box and you can just rush out the door without having to worry about finding bibs and spoons. The bib fastens with a press stud (there are 3 for adjustable sizing) which Houdini baby hasn’t yet managed to undo which is impressive, as Velcro fastened bibs are lucky to last past the first mouthful still being worn. If I had to pick a flaw it would be hard, the only thing I wasn’t too keen on was how soft the spoon was, but it’s a minor thing. The spoon is very bendy which is fine for purees and the likes but was a bit trickier to use with really lumpy food but by the time bub is at that stage of food you could use a teaspoon in place of the spoon. The flexibility of the spoon does have an upside, it is now my preferred spoon for Luka to feed himself with, he can’t do any damage to himself with the soft spoon. Luka also likes to collect things and store them in the pouch for later; he thinks it is hilarious to put his dummy in there. The Travel Bib will be very useful for travelling. I’m always ending up with dirty bibs and used spoons on planes, trains and in the car and forever seem to be hunting around for plastic bags to store the mess, the travel bib eliminates those issues. The Travel Bib will be accompanying us on our future trips. Not only is it practical but it looks gorgeous too! Thanks for the opportunity to review your fab new Travel Bib, you have a new fan!
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