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Meg is heavily pregnant with twin girls. She recently tested out the Bellybean Materinty pillow and took it camping. Here is Meg’s review:

 I was over the moon when I received the bellybean maternity pillow. I had heard on a forum they were very good but as I already had a body pillow that I had spent a bit on for my last pregnancy and wasn't too impressed I was hesitiant to spend more money. I am pregnant with twins so the restless nights and aches and pains have started a LOT earlier on than I expected. I was hardly getting any sleep at night and waking up in tears in the morning due to pelvic pain and back pain. The first night i used the Bellybean maternity pillow I was so comfortable at last and slept through the entire night which was the first time in weeks. I woke up with not nearly as much pain as I was used to and felt so much better after a good sleep.

As my twin pregnancy has progressed I am more and more uncomfortable but so thankful to have the bellybean maternity pillow to get comfy in bed and have a good sleep. I could not sleep without this little miracle pillow! If you are pregnant - you MUST get one. It changes your life! I really really love mine and even when I am not pregnant can see myself using it to sleep more comfortably. It's also great back support and will be good for a feeding pillow too.

The price of $79 at first turned me off but most maternity pillows are that price and they don't work nearly as well as this one and aren't so versatile and small. The one I was using was huge and bulky and took up so much bed space. The bellybean is so small and easy to move when you want change positions in bed. I remember with the body pillow is a HUGE effort to get comfy and move it about in the bed.

I have recently gone on a camping trip and there is no way we could have fit the massive body pillow with all the rest of the luggage, but the bellybean maternity pillow fit in my suitcase so easily. I would have been lost without it!

The Bellybean was also great for long distance travel in the car, I packed it around me to get comfy on the long drive.

So if you are thinking of getting a maternity pillow don't even think about the others get the bellybean!!

Thanks for your great review Meg, we are delighted to hear the Bellybean is helping you keep comfortable.

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