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Travel with Tots and two of our readers were lucky enough to test out TEJAPO’s Complete Family insect repellent packs. Here are the 3 reviews.

What Travel with Tots staff thought;

We were given 3 Tejapo complete family insect repellent packs to test out, two were shipped out to lucky readers and one stayed around the office for staff review.

The packs contain loads of gorgeous handmade goodies made from natural ingredients; Insect Repellent Soap Bar, Insect Repellent Spray, Insect Repellent Lotion/ moisturiser and a Bug Be Gone Stick.

All the products smell gorgeous and much nicer than other insect repellents we have tried. I am always reluctant to put commercial insect repellents full of nasty chemicals on babies and toddlers but struggle to keep the kids bite free so I’m really pleased to have found a natural alternative. One of our family members is also allergic to mozzie bites and comes out in large painful welts that last for weeks so we need to take our insect protection seriously.

The first product I tried was the insect repellent moisturiser, I loved it for myself as I could just moisturise as normal and still be protected from mozzies without having to give it a second thought. I liked the repellent soap for the same reason and it (and I) smelt great after use, it’s a lovely refreshing scent.

The first TEJAPO product we tried on the little ones was the Bug Be Gone stick, this little stick is perfect for travelling families, it is small enough to be easily kept in the glove box, a handbag or the nappy bag. We had great success with the Bug Be Gone stick repelling the biting nasties, we tried it at home and away camping at the beach on our toddler and no bites! We found it a little firm to apply but all it needed was to be applied and then rubbed in a little to cover the area.

We have all used the Insect repellent spray, and I have to say the scent is a pleasant change from other insect repellents that leave you breathless from the odour. TEJAPO’s Insect repellent spray is not just a pretty smell, it does a great job of keeping the mozzies at bay; we ate outdoors, swam, gardened and bush walked all with minimal problems from bugs whilst wearing the Insect repellent spray.

TWT are happy to recommend TEJAPO as the natural alternative for your insect repellent needs whether you are out and about exploring the globe or having a BBQ in your own backyard!

What our reader Lou thought;

When I received my Tejapo products in the mail I was immediately pleased with the size of the trial products. My first impulse was to open everything up and smell it all - divine! I received a Soap Bar, Moisturising Lotion, Repellant Spray and Bug Be Gone Stick. Many different essential oils are used in these Insect Repellant products: peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, rosemary, lemon, lemongrass, cedarwood and may chang.

The most important thing about Tejapo Insect Repellant products is that they are 100% natural, without harmful additives like DEET which is very toxic to young children.

As you would well be aware, we have been hit with devastating amounts of rain and flooding here in Brisbane, so at the moment mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE!!!! In their droves, wherever you go, so I was able to give the repellants a good workout.

First off, at a BBQ during dusk, mozzie rush hour! I think the idea of a moisturiser which is also an insect repellant is brilliant and can't believe it hasn't been done before. The scent on my skin, combined with use of the soap bar, wasn't overpowering but quite pleasant and something a few of my friends commented on. It was non-greasy and felt lovely. I was safe and protected, not a mozzie came near me all night, amazing!

The Bug Be Gone Stick is also a fab idea. I used this on my daughter during the afternoon when she was having a dip in the pool. It was easy to apply, didn't feel sticky on her skin and was fine on her sensitive skin. She was also protected from mosquitoes during her dip and smelt lovely to boot.

The spray was something a friend of mine used on her son when she went camping. The spray is easily applied and also non-greasy. Her son was protected from mosquitoes and sand flies for the duration of their camping trip. I used it myself at night and loved it. It was cool when applied and kept me protected from flying critters. It also worked to soothe bites I had received before protecting myself.

All in all, I'd definitely be buying more once the products run out. They are a great size to take away with you camping or on picnics, especially the pocket-sized Bug Be Gone stick. I have recommended them to all my other friends and will continue to do so!

Thanks so much to TWT and Tejapo for the opportunity to discover these great products.

What our reader Kyra thought:

I love that Tejapo products are natural, so I loved the idea of insect repellent that didn't contain the harsh chemicals that are in regular insect repellents. I normally don't use insect repellents for this reason, so it took me a few goes to remember to put the Tejapo products on when we went outside, but once I remembered I was really pleasantly surprised. We have a lot of mosquitoes around our house during summer, so these products really came in handy. All of the products smelled really nice, nothing like the insect repellents you can buy the shop!

The first product we tried was the Insect Repellent Spray. It has a really pleasant scent and the spray bottle itself was excellent - it sprayed on really nicely! I was getting attacked by mozzies when I remembered to put it on, and after I had sprayed it on the mozzies left me alone, so it worked really well. We went back inside for a few hours and I came back out later and some mozzies found me, so it had worn off, but I'm assuming that would be the same as other insect repellent sprays.

The next product we used was the Insect Repellent Soap Bar. Again, it smelled really pleasant! I would use it on my son at night before he went to bed as some mozzies sometimes find their way inside, so it was good to have a mild protector against mozzies while he was sleeping. I'm not sure how effective it was at keeping the mozzies away though - I have used it when I shower in the morning but by the time the mozzies come out in the afternoon, the soap will have lost it's effect. As a soap - I love that it has an aloe vera base! It feels very moisturising and creates lots of bubbles.

The Insect Repellent Moisturising Lotion is the next product we used, and I think it was probably the most effective at keeping the mosquitoes away. The only problem I had with this product was that the pump mechanism broke when I tried to use it - but I just poured some of the lotion into my hands so I could use. It smelled lovely and felt nice once it was rubbed into my skin.

The other product we had was the BUG BE GONE Insect Repellent Stick. My initial thought was that it was a clever design - I've never seen an insect repellent in a stick before! I thought it was a bit difficult to apply - it didn't really glide on, like the spray or the lotion, and it took longer to apply too. I think because of these reasons it didn't seem that effective at keeping the mozzies away (but that was probably because I didn't apply it properly). I think it would be effective if just used to apply to small areas, ie. arms, whereas the spray and lotion are effective at applying over the whole body.

Overall I loved the Tejapo Insect Repellent products! Thanks Tejapo for providing an effective natural repellent - I will definitely be back to buy some more :)

For more information on TEJAPO’s beautiful range of products or to purchase, please visit their website at www.tejapo.com

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