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Tamara has recently returned from a series of long haul flights and airport transits with her two daughters. They tested out the Ride on carry on chair for us. Here is Tamara’s review:


We were very excited to review the ride-on-carry-on during our recent trip overseas. Travelling direct for 26 hours, with 2 airport stopovers was going to be a challenge with Miss 10 months and Miss Almost Four. Miss Almost Four considers herself too big to sit in a pram so we were travelling with a single stroller, but moving through transit at major airports like Bangkok can mean walking for miles between gates and with tired kids this presented a challenge.

The ride-on-carry-on was the perfect solution as it suits children from approximately 8 months (who can sit upright confidently) until 22kg so we were happy that both girls could sit in it, or the stroller and we would not have to carry them as well as the luggage.

Before we left we practiced assembling the ride-on-carry-on and giving the girls a turn in the “special holiday chair”. They both loved it and couldn’t wait to use it.


As you can see in the photo, the chair attaches to your hand luggage and the simplicity in design is brilliant. It does however take a little getting used to and you should definitely practice before you leave on your trip as most airport security checks will require you to disassemble it when you put it through the x-ray machines. You will also need to take it off if you need something from the suitcase or sometimes to fit in the overhead luggage compartment on the plane as well. With a few stopovers such as we had this was a pain but we learnt to pack the ‘non-essential’ items in the roller suitcase and all in all the inconvenience was well-worth it.


Cleverly, the ride-on-carry-on features a padded head rest turns into a secure tray table. This was great to use as a highchair for Miss 10 months and also for Miss Almost Four to play games or eat snacks as we zipped through the airport.


The ride-on-carry-on makes your child feel like a celebrity. There are no arguments when you ask them to sit in it and as you walk through the airport people look and point and smile and the child feels special. This is a nice feeling but towards the end Miss Almost Four, who is not shy and enjoyed the attention, said she “ didn’t want people to look at her anymore”.


Using the ride-on-carry-on for Miss 10 months was a concern for me as there is only a lap harness and nothing over the shoulders. I thought of making some extra straps myself but I did not have time to fix this before we left, and I would definitely give this feedback to the manufacturer. Only once on the whole trip the suitcase tipped and luckily Miss Almost Four was in it at the time and not hurt.


I would hands down recommend the ride-on-carry-on to take some of the stress out of travelling with kids. Especially if traveling without a pram and younger children. Some airports (such as Melbourne!) have a policy where prams are not returned at the airplane door but at the luggage carousel. Although having a sling handy for younger children means you have free hands for pulling/pushing luggage, it gets heavy and the ride-on-carry-on was a perfect solution for young and older children who may be too tired to walk or for mums and dads too tired to carry! Designed by a flight attendant mum this is the new MUST HAVE product for travelling with children. LOVE IT!

Thanks for participating in our review program Tamara, and for your great review. For more info on the Ride on Carry On or to purchase please visit their website at www.rideoncarryon.com.au

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