Little Beetle Baby Chair

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The Little Beetle Baby Chair, portable fabric highchair is an absolute essential when travelling.

The fabric highchair takes the place of a conventional highchair, securing your child to almost any chair when out and about. While travelling in Bali we found not many cafes or restaurants to have a high chair available or if they had one it was in use at peak meal times. The Little Beetle fabric chair folds down into its own small carry bag so can easily be carted around in the bottom of your pram or in a nappy bag and in just a minute you can transform any Chair to keep your child in one place. The Little Beetle chair is really simple to use, you simply hook it over the back of a chair, secure a clip under the chair, put your child in position and buckle them in and you are ready to go!

The only time we weren’t able to use our Little Beetle chair was on very large (wide) chairs like the Balinese wicker style arm chairs but other than that, every chair we came across was suitable for the Little Beetle. Our toddler is very squirmy and sociable and likes to visit every other table in a restaurant so having a way to keep him on his chair made for much less stressful dining and meant he actually ate some of his meal instead of being distracted trying to escape constantly. We also used the chair to keep our toddler safe in the hotel room while his dad was going in and out with luggage, I was able to set up our son with some colouring activities at the table, using the Little Beetle baby chair and continue unpacking knowing that our toddler was safe and not able to escape the room while my back was turned.

The Little Beetle chair is easy to clean, lightweight and very compact, I would absolutely recommend it to travelling parents and even for outings at home, a must have for any nappy bag!!

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