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Tamara is mum to one gorgeous little girl, 7 month old Lauren. Tamara was chosen as our Travel with Tots reader reviewer to test out the Feedeaway Feeding Chair by Belkiz. The Feedaway chair is a ‘feeding chair’ made from recycled cardbooard, that folds down flat into a small box making it very convenient for transporting. Here is Tamara’s review:

Firstly thank you Travel with Tots and Belkiz for the opportunity to try the Feedaway chair. I have a 7 month old daughter Lauren, we had a number of camping trips and day trips organised over the next few months and had been trying to decide what we would do for feeding arrangements. We worked out pretty quickly that one parent holding her and the other feeding got messy and time consuming for two people. I then saw this opportunity to test and review the Feedaway chair.

We took a camping trip to Moogerah Dam with the Belkiz feeding chair with with 3 other families with children under 1 year of age, 2 of which were on solids. The families with babies on solids had to pack a “travel” high chair which was hard plastic and bulky taking up precious limited cargo space. The Feedaway chair slotted nicely into our camper trailer in its neat thin box taking up minimal room. I had comments from others about how great it is for camping, and lots of stares!

The first time I set the Feedaway chair up it took me about 30 minutes but I was also trying to keep an eye on an inquisitive Lauren at the time. I did find some of the instructions difficult and thought that perhaps the tabs needed an “A” or “B” on them to assist in locating the correct ones. Dismantling is much easier and reassembling a second time was much quicker.

Some of the things I love about this chair are; that I can move it with one hand while holding a hungry squirming baby in the other (it’s so light and makes my job juggling things so much easier), that it is so sturdy and holds the weight without any bending of the structure, I must admit I was rather anxious at first wondering if it would hold 8.3kgs or if she would bend the cardboard. The wider base means that any sudden or one sided movements don't topple the chair over. I also love that I can wipe clean all the messy hand prints and spat out food with a damp cloth/baby wipe and it doesn't affect the cardboard at all.

I think my favourite feature of this chair is the height, the other “travel” chairs either had to be secured to a chair or placed on the ground to feed and as our camping chairs are made of fabric and not solid it is unsafe. I was able to sit in my chair and be at a good height to feed Lauren without bending down and hurting my back. The most important feature to all parents is safety and the Feedaway chair has an incredibly strong safety belt to ensure the little ones stay safe.Thank you again for this opportunity to test this travel high chair.

Thank you Tamara, for a very informative review, thanks for participating and we are really pleased you found the Feedaway so useful for camping, we think its a perfect product for us parents on the go. For more info on the Belkiz Feedaway Chair click here

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