Snazzy Baby 3 in 1 Combo Carrier

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Hilke and her daughter Josie tested out the Snazzy Baby 3 in 1 Combo Carrier for us. They took it camping and hiking. Here is what they thought:

Our little Josie has always loved being carried around, but dislikes facing inwards, so having the opportunity to review a carrier that supports facing outwards and inwards was great. She also had been wearing a Pavlik Harness for her DDH (Development Hip Dysplesia) since she was 10 weeks old, which made all the carriers I had useless or too hard to get her in.

We went camping near Jamieson, Victoria just after I was given the great opportunity to review the Snazzy Baby 3-in-1 Combo Carrier and we loved it.

We went for a few walks with Josie in her Pavlik harness and in the carrier and even my partner thought that it's a great product.

The easiest way to get her in was to sit down and strap her in. All the clips are color coordinated, so it becomes very easy after the first couple of times (and watching the instructional DVD).

Carrying your little one on one hip and the shoulder strap goes over the other shoulder, great design, it distributes the weight really well.The shoulder strap also has a gel pad, so it makes it even comfier.

It was great to be hands-free while carrying her around, I've used it for walks (longest one was 2 hours), shopping (as she thinks being up high is way more fun than in the pram) and at home doing cooking and cleaning while she has been unsettled.And it hasn't hurt my back once, while other carriers did.

You can use this one a lot longer than other carriers too, you can use it from the time they have good head control (around 4 months) till 15 kilo's (around 2 years)

I didn't think it was the best carrier for her to fall asleep in it as there isn't much upper body support, however when she did fall asleep all it took was to hold her loosely with one arm so her head would be resting against it.

Josie has come out of her Pavlik harness for her clicky hips since last week and the carrier is even better now.

We have started putting her in shopping trolley seats and on chairs using the carrier as a restraint, it's so easy to convert from a hip carrier to a restraint, I didn't even have to take her out of the carrier itself; you take off the shoulder strap and undo the waist belt and use a additional strap to secure her to the chair / shopping trolley.

The inbuilt slip resistant seat prevents her from slipping, just perfect.

I really love the snazzy baby Deluxe 3 in 1 combo carrier.

It folds into a small pack so it's easy to stash into my nappy bag and it has storage pockets for a few small bits and pieces.

We always have the additional strap, the complementary snazzy baby leg warmers (also love those!) and some other bits like phone and keys stored.

It's washable and it's really good for hot days as you're not covered much in material (only shoulder and waist strap and pouch for baby to sit in) and the fabric is salt and chlorine resistant, so perfect to use in the pool and sea.

Thanks again for letting us review this perfect designed 3 in 1 carrier. We will use it for many years to come!!

Thanks for your great review Hilke, we are delighted to hear that you and Josie are so happy with your Snazzy Baby 3 in 1 Combo Carrier.

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