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Rochelle and her 14 month old daughter, Tillie have just tested out the gorgeous baby wrap carrier by Lilah Rose for us. Here is what the girls thought:

The first thing I thought when I opened my mail containing the LilahRose wrap baby carrier was “Oh wow that is so gorgeous. I don’t want to put my Daughter in it & have it get dirty!”

It arrived so neatly folded up with very detailed instructions printed on A4 sheets. I’ve used a stretchy wrap before but never a woven wrap. A lot of the directions I found were very similar to what I am used to with the stretchy wrap so I thought that would make it a breeze. However, it’s actually quite different to a stretchy wrap. It took me quite a few goes to get it to actually sit taught over my Daughter & hold her in the position I was aiming for.

Inevitably it did get dirty (I’m not even sure what that splotch was). I threw it in the wash & then line dried. It came out beautifully & still looks brand new!

So far she has been worn at the shops, to & from playgroup, & for some walks along the beach. Unfortunately our trip away was cancelled at the last moment. I was looking fwd to using the LilahRose wrap baby carrier for some bushwalks but that will have to wait for next time.

It really came in good use though when we went Christmas shopping with my sisters & nephew. We wrapped it around my sleeping 5 month old nephew meant that he had a nice big sleep where as he was likely to wake if put back in his pram & is too heavy to have been held for too long just in arms. When he awoke, Tillie wanted a breastfeed so with some help again she was wrapped in an adjusted front carry & we continued to shop while she fed & then slept. After she woke we changed her to a back carry & again continued with the shopping!

I find the easiest (& my favourite) carry position is the front. This is easy to get her in & out & back in without actually removing the wrap. I also like a high back carry but I will need more practice before that will feel natural. I find she ends up too low down my back though I can get her in a good high hold with some assistance.

In a final ‘wrap up’… it’s gorgeous, comfortable, versatile… I would recommend spending a good amount of time playing with it to ensure you make the most of it.

We're really enjoying using it & the Mai Tai isn't getting much of a look in at the moment! Thanks Shell & Tillie.

Thanks for your great review Shell and Tillie, We are so pleased Tillie was a happy little traveller. For more info on Lilah Rose’s wraps visit their facebook page here

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