Hug a Bub Baby Carrier

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Meg’s Hug a Bub baby carrier got plenty of use when she and baby son Xander went camping at Christmas time. We asked Meg for her opinion on the sling.


I am in love with my Hug a bub baby carrier. I researched slings and carriers whilst pregnant and heard a lot of great things about these. I really wanted something that would last us a long time and was comfortable to wear and I certainly find the Hug a Bub really comfortable for both baby and I. The weight is distributed inwardly throughout your torso rather than all on your shoulders and it also reduces compression on your baby’s spine and it’s COMPLETELY hands free. It looks great too.

I was a bit unsure as to whether I would be able to put it on properly, I tried it pregnant over my big belly and didnt have much success but when the time came to use it I watched the instructional DVD and I put it on perfectly first go. It’s as easy as tying a shoelace!

When Xander was a young baby I found myself using the carrier all the time. Xander would sleep in it all day, I could clean, breastfeed him, cook dinner and do my shopping all with him in the sling.

It is the BEST thing we have bought. It gave my freedom back a little. I find its much easier to go out using the sling instead of a pram. Xander was always so happy in it and it was great for those clingy teething days. I would be lost without it.

It’s really easy to wash in the washing machine then the dryer and because it’s all cotton it stretches a little, so popping it back in the dryer brings it back to normal shape.

I used it a lot when we went camping. Everything is very close by the site where we camp so I just used my Hug a Bub carrier rather than the pram, we did bring the pram with us but only used it once for a walk on the beach whereas we used the baby carrier every day. (see Camping at Coolum for more on Meg and Xander’s camping trip)

You may wonder whether its suitable for travelling in hot climates, I wore it in the height of summer and just wore a singlet underneath and had Xander in just a nappy and we were fine.

The Hug a bub doesn’t have an upper weight limit, Xander’s almost 1 year old and is over 10kg now. I don’t use it much anymore because he is so independent but when I do it is still really comfortable for both of us.

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