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Nicola and her 9 month old daughter Eva, recently tested out the Flyebaby hammock for us on a flight from Perth to New Zealand. Here is what they thought:

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Flyebaby while travelling with my 9 month old baby Eva, from Perth, WA to Christchurch, NZ. When I received the Flyebaby I was delighted at the cute fabric and the nifty travel pouch it comes in. Once I had removed it from its compact bag, I felt a little concerned that I would not be able to work out how to use the jumble of velcro straps that were revealed. However, after a short play around with one of our dining chairs, I found it was actually a lot simpler to use than I thought. Even though I could only set it up as a high chair at home, I could see from the design (and a quick check of the photos on the Flyebaby website) how it could be attached to the tray table in the aircraft. I recommend having a play and getting comfortable with using the Flyebaby at home before you attempt attaching it on board a cramped aircraft with a squirming baby on your lap!

The Flyebaby is recommended for a max weight of 25lbs or 11.3kgs. As my almost 10 month old is 9.5kgs I thought she would be well within the recommended size for the Flyebaby. Unfortunately, whilst the flyebaby has a line on the hammock indicating the maximum height for flight use you can’t test this out before flying so it doesn’t really help you work out if your baby will fit it in “flight mode”. Eva was a snug fit in the high chair mode with the harness straps at full extension but it was still a comfortable fit when used this way. I assumed that she would fit it comfortably in the aircraft. I was wrong...

When I set the Flyebaby up on the first of our 4 flights (2 to get there and 2 returning) I was anticipating a comfortable trip with Eva having her own little hammock seat and mummy with her own space! However, once I put Eva in the Flyebaby on the aircraft, her head was well above the maximum flight use line and even though she fit the harness for the high chair use, when in flight mode, the harness was too restrictive for her and she arched against it. In the end, I undid the harness and Eva could lie comfortably in the hammock as long as she was unfastened, though her head was fairly close to the seat in front of me and I had to be careful she didn’t kick off me and hit her head on the seat.

Being a fairly active age, Eva liked to sit up in the hammock and grab at anything that came vaguely within reaching distance, and despite being unfastened, she felt fairly secure as long as her weight was central in the hammock. I was able to feed her solids in the Flyebaby and it was much easier to feed her face to face than if she was sitting on my lap.

After having been fed, Eva was just too active to stay comfortably in the Flyebaby for long. I tried it each time we flew and Eva never managed to sleep in the hammock. She would be happy in there for 20 – 30 mins if well occupied but that was all.

Despite the disappointment of Eva being too tall for effective flight use, the Flyebaby still was a great travel item to have as it doubled as a travel high chair. We used the Flyebaby at our NZ family’s dinner table, restaurants and hotel rooms. Most chairs were easy to attach the Flyebaby to, but some had full, unbroken back rests which did not allow you anything to strap the Flyebaby onto. When Eva was strapped into the Flyebaby for meal times, as long as it was tightly strapped, we could be free to eat our own meals and not worry that she could fall of the chair, which made meal times much more relaxed!

Overall, the Flyebaby is an excellent idea and a very simple, user friendly design. However, it really would be more useful for a baby that was 6 months or younger, not only for the fit and comfort of using it, but also because babies are less active at that age. A younger baby would be happier to sit/lie back in the hammock. If you have an older or very active baby, don’t plan on them staying in the Flyebaby for long.

Thanks for your great review Nicola and Eva, For more info on the Flyebaby or to purchase, visit our friends at

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