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Angela has just tested out the Breeze Baby Sling from Babes In Arms with her 7 month old daughter on a recent trip to the Gold Coast . Here is Angela’s review:

The Breeze baby came in very handy on my latest trip to the Gold Coast.Travelling with me, I had my two sisters and a 2 week old and a 7 month old in the car. We already had one pram for the newborn and space was limited, with not enough room for a second pram in the boot, so having a sling really was handy.

I used the breeze baby the first day of our trip when we went for a walk on the beach. It was comfortable with Grace (7 months old) on my hip, it allowed my hands to be free and helped to take a little weight off. Once I got to the end of the walk my younger sister (15) then put the breeze baby on and walked back. She found it comfortable for most of the way.

I then used the sling to go shopping (as you do when you’re on holidays). Again it allowed my hands to be free whilst I shopped. On another day’s shopping trip my sister used it for her newborn, which he found very snuggly and went straight to sleep.

The best part was that it was a hot day and he was close but not hot, as the sling still allows the air to circulate.

I also used the sling to go into the waves but only to waist height and then into the swimming pool and it didn't matter that it got wet as it was quick to dry.

I tried the sling in other positions with my 7 month old but the hip one was the easiest for me. I didn't find the sling to hurt my neck or shoulders and overall I was/am very happy with the sling. I am sure it will get alot more use this summer in the swimming pool.

The only slight problem I found was if you didn't have the material threaded properly through the rings and spread out it did tend to slide a little, but once I worked that out it was fine. Thankyou for the opportunity to review this product.

Thanks for participating Angela and for your great review, it sounds like the whole family had fun testing out the Breezebaby. For more info on the Breezebaby or to make a purchase please visit Breezebaby’s website at

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