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The Baby K'tan™ Baby Carrier (patent pending) delivers a soft, breathable 100% cotton cloth baby embrace that allows parents and caregivers to securely and easily carry a newborn without burdening the hands and the mind of the carrier.

Parents can stylishly carry their babies in multiple comfortable positions, while freeing up their hands to tend to other tasks or other children. It can be worn in all the same positions as a wrap, without the hassle of wrapping! Babies can be snuggled and breastfed in the Cradle and Explore positions.. They can also be carried upright, facing in or out, and as they get older, they can be carried on your hip.

Please consult our instructions for further guidance. Unlike other baby slings that have clips and fasteners, the Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier is made of pure cotton offering the softness and flexibility of cloth while securely embracing the newborn to the chest of the caregiver.

Travelling on a bus or in tight spaces can often be a burden for parents who operate push prams. With the Baby K’tan™ there is no need to disassemble and reassemble bulky baby carriers. It is made of two loops of cotton which are connected by a third smaller loop called the Back Support Band. that can be easily worn and taken off.

Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier also offers much needed ergonomic support for the back. Ordinary baby slings rest on one shoulder and provide poor back and neck support. The Baby K’tan™ spans the back and shoulders providing great ergonomic support with a range of sling sizes to suit all body shapes.

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is sized according to the wearer and is available in 5 basic t-shirt sizes: XS-XL. See our sizing instruction for further guidance.

One of the most important aspects of our design is the ability to breastfeed your baby without the need to remove the sling. In fact, Baby K’tan™ can assist with positioning and posture while simultaneously providing a discreet way to meet your baby's needs in any social situation. Please consult our breastfeeding in baby ktan page for further guidance Combine this with the added convenience of being remarkably mobile in crowded public arenas, in supermarkets, on public transport, in theatres and in restaurants, it’s easy to see why Baby K’tan™ is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

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I just have to say life with a newborn and a toddler is made so much easier with the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier. When given the opportunity to review this carrier I was so excited. With my first I had a sling but after a short amount of time using it my neck and shoulders would ache. So I started researching baby carriers and the Baby K’tan carrier was up the top of my list. So when I was offered this review opportunity I just jumped at it. The first thing I loved about the carrier was that the fabric is so soft and stretchy. I also loved that it came with a matching beanie and wrap/burp cloth. When I pulled it out and looked at it I was a bit overwhelmed. After reading the instructions I found it easy to use. I have used it as a sling to breastfeed while cleaning my house and cooking dinner. I have also used it in the kangaroo position. The kangaroo position is my favourite. I find the Baby K’tan Carrier easy to use, comfortable and my little guy just loves it. It packs away so easily and fits nicely in my baby bag, pram pocket and car glove box, which makes it perfect for travelling. So far I have used it to calm baby around the house, for walks to the park, shopping trips, sight seeing (down the south coast of NSW), walks along the beach, train rides and even picnicking in the Botanic Gardens. The soft material means that it is perfect for sitting down as there are no big buckles or ridged parts to dig into baby or myself. This means that is the perfect carrier to use on public transport or while pushing a pram. The Baby K’tan Carrier has made it easy for me to breastfeed in public. I breastfed my first son but never had the confidence to feed in a public place. I was always too self-conscious and didn’t want the negative attention that some mothers face. When I had my second son 10 weeks ago naturally I decided to breastfeed again although this time around because of my toddler I have found it harder to find a private place to feed where my toddler is happy to be. I find it very easy to use the Baby K’tan Carrier to feed my newborn in the cradle or explore position using the wrap as a privacy cover. I cannot recommend the Baby K’tan Carrier enough; it has definitely made my life much easier.
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