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Kelly is mum to a 4 year old autistic son Jordan. They regularly make the 4 hour trip to visit Jordan’s grandparents, Kelly and Jordan tested out the Snack and Play Travel Tray for us to see if it made car travel easier. We had a chat with Kelly to see what she thought:

Jordan my autistic son is 4 years old, we love to travel to Lakes Entrance, Victoria all the time to see grandma and pa, but he finds it so difficult to have his games and toys on his lap, it makes him so frustrated, we travel from Scoresby so it about a 4 hour trip.

On our last visit we were lucky enough to be given a Snack and Play Travel Tray by This trip with the Travel Tray was actually far less stressful than previous trips without it as Jordan was able to do what he wanted without things falling off his lap, or me having to stop for the tantrums. I would highly recommend this for other parents to get for their young children on long trips. It was a time saver and stress saver, thank you for allowing us to try it to see how fantastic this product is.

Was the tray easy to install? Yes the travel tray was very easy to install, even the blokes could do it ha ha!

What did Jordan like about the Travel Tray? he liked it because everything he wanted was right on his lap without having to bend to get it off the chair next to him or off floor.

What did you like about the Travel Tray? I loved it because I didn’t need to keep stopping to give him his things that were out of reach, to keep him entertained.

Was it comfortable? I assume it was comfortable for him, he used it the majority of the trip with no complaints.

What issues do you normally experience with Jordan on long car trips that you didnt when using the Snack and Play Travel Tray? I didnt experience him yelling or screaming for something and we drove for long time before he asked to get something else, as everything that he needed was on the Travel Tray safely, we usually have tantrums in the car and very frequent stopping, I rarely had to stop due to this fab table.

Thanks for your great review Kelly. We are so pleased Jordan was a happier traveller with his Travel Tray. For more info on the Snack and Play Travel Tray or to purchase please visit


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