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Dreambaby very kindly gave us one of their new products to review; we were only too happy to test out the Dreambaby Extra Wide Adjustable Car Shade. Here is our review:


I loved the idea of the Dreambaby Extra Wide Car Shade being large enough to cover our whole car window. Our car is not exceptionally large, just your average sedan but all the other window sunshades we have tried, seem to only cover a small part of the window. It was great to finally have a product that covered the majority of the window.

This sunshade did a great job of blocking rays from Luka in his seat, it also made it easier for him to sleep in his seat on long trips as it darkened the back seat just slightly. It is really easy to roll up when not in use, simply undo the bottom suction cup and press a small button on the side. As a passenger it is also easy to see out through the shade (trust me I had to spend quite a lot of time in the backseat calming an unhappy toddler on a recent car trip).

Possibly my favourite thing about this Dreambaby Car Shade is that it doesn’t limit your vision, with the other car shades we have tried because they are too small and ill-fitting they create a line through the middle of your window making it hard to see approaching cars at certain angles, because it covers the window correctly this shade doesn’t restrict your vision.

There are two different installation options. The first is the usual suction cups to stick the shade to the window and the second is clips that go over the top of the window to secure it in place, I opted for the clips thinking it would be more permanent and less likely to be pulled off the window by our very boisterous toddler…but apparently, I have fat windows; I couldn’t get the clips to fit over the top of the window (I had my husband try too, with no luck) so we went back to the simple suction cup method and no problems with it falling or being ripped off the window after our 2 week trial.

Overall, the Extra Wide Adjustable Car Shade is a fabulous addition to the Dreambaby range. Luka seemed very happy in the back seat and didn’t have the sun streaming in his eyes or burning one side of his face while he slept. A great product for a long car trip or even just day to day vehicle use. I’m sold, and I’m on my way to buy a second one to cover the other window before our next big trip!


For more info on dreambaby visit www.dreambaby.com.au

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