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Tammy recently tested out the Cherub Baby car bottle warmer for us on a long car trip with her son Anthony. Here is Tammy’s review:

Hi, Anthony and I were the lucky ones to be chosen to review the Cherub Baby Car Bottle Warmer! We went on a driving holiday with Anthony who has just turned 9 months, our destination was 4 and a half hours away so we were dubious as to how Anthony would travel…

However, we were very excited to have the convenience of the bottle warmer so when Anthony began to show signs of hunger we didn’t even have to stop the car to prepare a bottle, we just had to wrap the bottle into the heating band plug the warmer in the cigarette lighter and hey presto, 15 minutes later we could pull over and give Anthony his bottle! It took 30 minutes to warm 200 ml and 15 minutes for 100 ml. However, the bottles I used are tapered so the band didn’t wrap snugly and they are made of a thick plastic so I think they took longer than most other bottles would, so as on the instructions I would definitely check the temperature every 5 minutes.

I really liked the size of the product as when it was not being used you could keep it in the glove box, in the cup holder of your car or even hang it from the cigarette lighter! I have some wide neck bottles and also tall, narrow bottles and both these types of bottles fitted with ease for heating as you just need to adjust the heating band.

I also loved the fact that you could heat up food in baby jars, so when we were out sight seeing and Anthony wanted lunch we didn’t have to rush back to our accommodation to use a microwave.

Another good feature of the product is that once you remove the bottle or jar from the warmer there is a safety switch so the warmer turns off, in case you are having so much fun on your holidays you overlook this or your baby is simply screaming for his/her food!

The only concern I had about this product was that the heating band did get quite hot to touch when the product was in use, so be careful of how you remove the bottle and thank goodness little hands are well away in the back seat!

After beginning the journey with some concerns of how Anthony would travel I have to say we had a very positive experience and I believe Anthony’s well fed tummy made all the difference. I am looking forward to future use of the bottle warmer when going on picnics and camping! It now has a permanent home in my glove box so I have it at all times. So thankyou Travel With Tots for this opportunity and thank you Cherub Baby for such a great product! Hopefully I will get another opportunity to be a lucky reviewer again.

Thanks for your great review Tammy, We are so pleased Anthony was happy traveller with his full tummy. For more info visit

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