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Benbat travel accessories provide safety with snuggly comfort and finishing touches that make everyone smile.

Designed specially for trips of any length.  For use in the car, stroller, plane or any other way you choose to travel. With , every trip is a pleasure, no matter how far you have to go!

From the ground up to be a travel aid, this product is tailored to the specific ergonomic needs of each successive age group.

  • Unique shape for total head and neck support
  • Pacifier holder for easier access in 0-12 month Group
  • As soft as a real pillow  
  • Hidden magnets to provide chin support in groups over 12 months old
  • Straps attach to car headrests for maximum support
  • Comes double sided for summer or winter use
  • Handy pocket to store iPod, games & gadgets 4-8 year group

Because young children are rough on their favorite things, Benbat products are crafted with care inside and out. We use only safe, durable and easy-to-clean materials, manufactured at global quality standards to withstand yanking, chewing, throwing and pounding.

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The design of the headrest is great, and very comfy, my 3 year old loves using it. The magnet under the chin is perfect and stops little ones heads flopping forward when asleep.
Fantastic product, created with children in mind. My daughter uses it whenever she needs to rest in the car, plane or even in the trolley at the airport!
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