Samsonite Pop Up Bubble Travel Cot

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What we needed

We were recently faced with the dilemma of what to put our son to sleep in while we travelled Ireland and the UK for a month. We didn’t want to take a conventional portacot and we couldn’t spare the 10kgs of our luggage allowance it would take up.


What we decided on

After lots of looking around we decided on a Samsonite Pop Up Bubble Travel Cot. It is very light weight at 2.5kgs, folds up very compactly into its own little carry bag and is suitable apparently up until approximately 18 months of age. The Samsonite also has a zip up mosquito net so you know littlie is safe from any nasties.

What we thought

This cot really does “POP” up so watch yourself when you open the bag. It’s very easy to assemble.There is a mattress included which attaches to the walls and the base of the cot with velcro but it is a very thin mattress so I put blankets underneath the cot to create a more cushioned sleeping surface. The fact that the mattress Velcro’s to the base and walls also presents a problem in that you can’t use a fitted sheet or tuck your child’s blankets into anything. Disassembly is not as easy as assembly and it takes a certain knack and getting used to (but I am terrible at folding maps too!) I think this is a great idea for a take in the car bed for naps at granny’s house or when out with friends but for any extended period I think it’s only really useful for little ones that aren’t crawling yet. I wouldn’t make bubs sleep in it for the whole of a 2 week holiday as I don’t think the mattress is good enough but it was really handy to know it was in our luggage and if we arrived at a hotel and the portable cot provided wasn’t suitable or wasn’t available we had a back up. Luka now uses his as a play tent and is quite fond of it. Luka doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in the cot but on waking up just starts crawling around dragging the cot behind him.


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