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Our friends at Bubeewrap are developing an all new organic version of their wrap and our staff here at Travel with Tots were lucky enough to be the first to try it out and review it. The new Bubeewrap also has a press stud to keep it secured; a feature not included on the original cotton version. Mum to 3 girls, Netta put the Organic Bubeewrap to the test, Here is her review:

I admit it…I have one wriggly child. Her favourite thing to do at 2am in the morning is to kick her legs so much that she unravels her ‘straitjacket’ wrap, with so much glee that I open one bleary eye to see an arm and a leg or two peeking out from the bassinette next to our bed. Ah, time to get up yet again and untangle the baby from the wrap – but you all know what its like. Do I just do a bang up job, feed the kid and put her wrap back on in some sort of order, looking right-ish, or do I wrap her back the way she was to start with, which will wake both me and the baby up nice and proper? All this of course leads to complaints from the other side of the bed that they are now awake too!

So, my thoughts of taking bubs with us to Thailand were become a distant dream. Sounds like a holiday at home. I couldn’t even think of taking her on a flight, let alone trying to settle her in a hotel room in another country, and get a decent nights sleep as well!

What to do? Well, when I first saw Bubeewraps – I thought could this be what I have been looking for? Its triangular design is smaller than a traditional wrap, but with some clever design features that might just work. So I tried it. The soft cotton wrap was easy to use – there are little arm holes to place the baby’s arms into and then when the wrap is folded over the baby, it is then secured with Velcro tabs. And what about the little kickers? They aren’t left out either, they have their own little pocket on the wrap to get tucked into! Surely it couldn’t be this easy?

So the next morning at 2am? Well of course I was awake, unlike the baby who slept like a little charm without arms and legs waving about to wake her up! Hooray! What a blessing Bubeewrap will be on a long flight – or better yet, the sleep in to get over my jetlag!

Surely all the Bubeewrap now needs is a little buckle hole so that it can become a mobile wrap for the car and the pram. It would then be the must have for any travelling sleep deprived mother or father!

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