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We were lucky enough to receive a fabulous little traveller bed from Kindy Kamper to test out with our toddler. Here is our review;

The Traveller Bed from Kindy Kamper is a gorgeous roll up travel bedding for your little one, it is a quilted type fabric base, with a small toddler pillow and an acrylic blanket all in one. It rolls up to be quite compact and even has a space for your little ones name to go, perfect for Kinder, childcare or if you have more than one child. The pillow can also be removed if you prefer not to use one.

While not padded enough for your child to sleep directly on the floor the Kindy Kamper Traveller is slightly padded and would be comfy to use for sleep on a sofa or day bed in hotels, it is also great if you want to put your toddler to bed at someone else’s house you can simply roll out the Traveller bedding over existing bedding.

We found the real benefit of the Kindy Kamper to be familiarity. Our toddler travels a lot and we always try to bring familiar sleeping items from home, we can now keep the Kindy Kamper traveller in the car and know that which ever hotel we are staying at or whomever we are visiting our son has bedding that he knows and loves and it makes him much easier to settle when in strange places.

My favourite thing about the Kindy Kamper traveller? (besides the fact that it is really cute.) You can throw it straight into a warm machine and it doesn’t lose it’s shape, perfect for when small people paint it with weet-bix!

For more info on the Kindy Kamper Traveller and their other great products please visit their website at

Kindy Kamper Bedding

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