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What we needed

Somewhere to change nappies while travelling. Throughout much of Asia baby change tables are pretty non-existent. Even being somewhere unfamiliar at home or on a long car journey it can be hard to find facilities so we started looking around at change mats.

What we decided on

We decided to try the ChangeMates baby change wallet by Lima Bean. It is a wallet type design that folds out to a water resistant change mat and has 2 pockets to hold a couple of nappies and a wipes travel case or small soft pack of wipes. As a bonus it is created by an Australian company.

What we thought

We love the designs, they are nice enough to carry on their own and the nappies are concealed so it’s not immediately obvious you are carrying around baby supplies. My initial thought was that the wallet was bigger than I had expected and that I would have a little trouble fitting it into my handbag but once it had been used a few times and loosened up a little that became less of a problem. (I was able to fold it a little tighter to make it smaller.)

We were able to fit 2 nappies in the internal fold out mesh pocket and wipes in the other mesh pocket. There is also an external zip pocket perfect for putting your phone and a coin purse in if you are just out walking and don’t want to carry a bag. Another handy feature is the Velcro strap that allows the ChangeMate to be attached to your stroller handle.

I liked knowing that I could change bubs anywhere; we used our ChangeMate in the car and in the pram with the back fully reclined, also on the beach and on some grass in the park. It meant any mess wasn’t a big problem and the ChangeMate could just be wiped clean (even with a few baby wipes until we got somewhere with water to clean it properly.) It would also be useful where baby change facilities are provided but aren’t very clean etc.

Our biggest problem is that bub is a dreadful wriggler and keeping him on the mat during nappy change time was a BIG challenge but we have that same problem with change tables too.

Our ChangeMate will be travelling with us in future.

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Change Mate Nappy Wallet

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