Sunset Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand

After 8 nights at Sunset beach Resort Patong beach, Phuket Thailand with her toddler Olivia, we asked Karly what she thought and if she would return for another stay.

The staff at Sunset Beach Resort were fantastic and adored children. I would have no hesitation in staying there again. The hotel is located north of Patong out of the busy area but is only a quick tuk tuk ride to the main area or the hotel ran a shuttle every half an hour to Bangla rd.

The hotel has studio rooms that have a kitchen and dining area but we didn’t think of that at the time of booking! My brother and Sis in law were also staying and had a studio so we used their kitchen when we needed to wash bottles or dummies etc. if they weren’t staying I would have liked the convenience of a kitchen.

The hotel provided us with a cot but it was too small (it was for a newborn) so after the first night I rang reception and they were very accommodating they went out and bought her one the size of a play pen! (It was great during the day when we needed to put her somewhere safe to read or draw while we showered etc.)

The hotel provided the sheets and blanket for the cot and the sheets were changed daily along with our bedding.

We only had the one room, so Olivia was sleeping right next to us. I was a little worried thinking we wouldn’t be able to have TV on etc at nap and night times but she adjusted so well and was so tired she would sleep through it.

The staff were happy to heat up any meals that we brought along with us for Olivia and always left extra bottled water in the room.

We packed a few toys and books to make her feel at home and her blanket and sleeping bag. We also bought her warm long sleeve body suit for sleeping in at night and I’m glad we did, it got cold overnight with the air con on.

We had to remember that the room wasn’t baby proofed so to be careful to keep things out of reach and make sure that she didn’t get into the mini bar! The staff adored our daughter and were always trying to get a cuddle and Olivia was really responsive dishing out the smiles and waves. They all loved her from the waiters to reception staff and even the pool man!

Further information can be found at the hotel’s website: