Ramayana Resort in Bali

Amy her partner and their 9 month old Son Archie, spent 10 nights at the Ramayana Resort in Bali, we asked Amy what she thought:


We stayed at the Ramayana Resort in Kuta, Bali, when Archie was 9 months old. It was close to everything, so, perfect for us. Our stay was 10 nights and Archie was included in the room rate we didn’t have to pay anything extra for him or the cot.

The hotel did provide us with a cot and the staff made it up with sheets and blankets but it wasn’t really to my liking, (I was concerned about the safety standards) but it was great for chucking all the toys in and using it as a playpen during the day. Archie had day time sleeps in his stroller and slept with us at night, thankfully we had a king size bed! Archie did amazingly well, he loved it. We still tried to keep him into some sort of routine of having two sleeps in the day and putting him to bed at a reasonable time at night.

The hotel organised a baby sitter for us, Norma, she was $10 an hour. She was an absolute angel, one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. She was really good with Archie; she stayed within our resort with him and doted on him something fierce. It was really good to be able to do things without the worry of Archie and to have some couple time. It also gave Archie the opportunity to have a good sleep without being interrupted by being out and about also the experience of a different culture and language. I was very hesitant at the start leaving him with a stranger but I did my research before we went and also spoke with regulars that stayed at the hotel. Everyone that was staying at the resort commented on how great Norma was with him. I cried when we left it was so sad, we now keep in regular contact.

The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful. I would probably stay somewhere else if i had older kids as this resort didn’t have a kids club, it was great for younger kids and bubs. A lot of the people staying there were older holiday makers and business people so night times were quiet and it was a very relaxed environment unlike some of the party resorts which can be very noisy at night. All the staff were very considerate and were happy to help with anything we needed help with.

Amy’s shared the following tips for finding accommodation in Bali:

Research your resort, find a travel agent that knows the area well or ask around to make sure your accommodation suits your needs. Stay somewhere that had a doctor on site or on call just for peace of mind when travelling with a younger bub or child. Find a hotel with a location where you don’t have to always get transport; one that has restaurants and and shops within walking distance.