Hotel Ibis in Reading, England

We stayed at the Hotel Ibis in Reading, England. This is what we thought:

When booking a hotel in Reading, England we thought going with a well-known hotel brand such as Ibis would guarantee us a positive experience, unfortunately that assumption was incorrect.

I won’t say our Ibis experience was completely terrible but it certainly wasn’t great. Upon arriving at the hotel mid-afternoon we had to wait at the check in desk for all the reception staff to finish their personal conversations. Once we got their attention they made fun of the fact that we would visit such a ‘boring’ town on our holidays. They then laughed because we had so much luggage to carry (but never offered any help with it and no trolley was available for us to use.) We had booked a family room and a travel cot but were told we could have one or the other (we opted for the family room and figured we could put bub in the bed with us.) They told us they would be up to our room to ‘unlock’ the second bed in several minutes (I thought at the time this was a little strange but didn’t ask questions.)

We stayed at the Hotel Ibis in Reading, England. This is what we thought; We got to our room which was small (think ship cabin style) there was a double bed and a ledge type desk which apparently doubles as a second bed (a ridiculously tiny bed that has a clothing rack directly above your head and can be compared to sleeping in a bookshelf.) We had to call reception 3 times to get them to come and unlock the magical bed. At this stage if we hadn’t paid in advance for the room, I would have considered going somewhere else to stay.

The hotel was very noisy overnight and the room was extremely hot (and I’m one of those cold people that never think it’s hot anywhere). Not a lot of sleeping went on and there was no sleep at all for the poor guy in the fold out bed that copped a clothing rack in the side of the head every time he tried to roll over. The cleaners started belting on the door to be let in at 7am (on a weekend) and continued banging on the door every 10 minutes even once we had told them we were still in the room and didn’t require it to be cleaned.

One night was enough for us, we had prepaid for 3 nights (non refundable) but after thinking about the prospect of another sleepless nights stay (in a bookshelf for some) we decided to cut our losses and go elsewhere to try and catch up on some zzz’s